Monday, May 13, 2002

Had strange, bizarre dream last night. I mean, talk about weird. I was at school, in Peggy and Whitney's room. They were there, along with a few other people from school. We were all there to watch Buffy (big surprise...;-)) Amy and Dana, two of my best friends from home, were there as well. But the REALLY weird thing was that Anna Colvard and Ryan Mauldin were there too. Now, I know none of you understand that, so let me explain. Anna was a friend in high school. Not a close friend. A girl I thought was really cool but didn't hang out with much. Haven't seen her since I graduated TWO YEARS AGO! But Ryan is definitely the oddest. Because Ryan was in my sixth grade class. He went to my high school (I think), but I obviously wasn't close to him. I don't think I've had a conversation with him since sixth grade. Why would he show up in my dream? I can understand my close friends; the whole "I'm trying to get rid of the close friends from home/ close friends from college dilima by combining both groups" thing. But Ryan and Anna? So not making sense. Though this is MY subconscious. Why should I expect more?
Went through my books today. I'm giving SO many away to a children's library. Mainly because I haven't ever cleaned out my books and suddenly realized that the 40 or so Saddle Club books I have really aren't necessary or even likely to be read again. It's kind of funny. I hope kids are still horse crazy; otherwise nobody's going to read my books. I've now managed to get rid of enough books that I can organize the books that I do have into some semblance of order (basically, I can see at least that there is more than one row, so I'll remember to look back there from time to time.)
Found out Barnes and Noble is hiring. Feel like sitting by the phone, waiting for them to call and offer me a job. (Yes, I did put in an application). If they don't call me, I'll call them... gag. I hate the phone.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

From Peggy's journal: Like a womb for learning. Immutable. Vast. Repository for the mouldering heaps of thoughts collected by dead men and pressed into bindings crumbling with age. Comforting, terrifying, dichotymous.
Okay, dichotymous? Who uses dichotymous in a rambling rant that you post in an online diary. So, she may not always write about deep things, but still. I mean, DICHOTYMOUS!:-)
Love ya, Peggy.
Anyway, my parents keep wanting me to help them. Not that that's a horrible thing and I should hate them forever for it. But somehow, they always pick the times when I'm in the middle of something. Whichis impressive, since I really don't do anything. I hate the fact that I actually get a little annoyed. I know it's dumb and selfish, really I do. But...
Matt's graduation is in exactly a week. That's a little weird. Still don't have all of Matt's present. It'll be... interesting. I'll finally get to meet Ann's parents. They sound pretty cool, and since I'll probably be indirectly related to them by marriage, I hope I like them.