Friday, May 05, 2006

Snakes, lizards, and kittens, oh my!

I could think of some dirty ways to combine that. Not helped, of course, by the fact that my office has had discussions covering how long anacondas get, how much food they can eat, and who does the licking in the office. Add to that the fact that my boyfriend, when I told him about our anaconda conversation, began singing "Baby Got Back" and it all heads down hill.

Sidenote: Once upon a time, I never blushed. Today I had to tell a doctor, a medical professional that does not know me, that I am on birth control. And I freaking blushed. I talk about licking (stamps, people, stamps) at work and I blush. I blame my college best friend who first trained me not to blush and then proceeded to spend a good portion of her time trying to embarrass the crap out of me so I would. Ah, the good old days. Her teasing me about my crush in front of people who didn't know I had a crush, bringing up awkward topics in front of the guy I had just started dating... How I miss her. The worst, though, was when I made myself blush. Such as the time my friend interrupted me with the question, "Are you a restaurant?" I was a little annoyed at the question, so I decided to be sarcastic. "Yes," I said. "I am a restaurant. People come and eat inside of me." It was cause for much mocking on the part of my friends.

Anyways, apparently my parents have found not only lizards inside of their new house, but also a snake. A snake, people. I am supposed to go visit them soon. My visit is supposed to be my rest. My relaxation. My sitting back and letting other people do things like clean and cook and pick up the dishes. My chance to sleep without the sound of people running up and down the hall, without the crazy Post delivery guy who for some reason hates my door and therefore must throw my paper against it every morning, scaring the crap out of me. Not my chance for me to poke carefully around to ensure that I am not about to be attacked by some animal who consists only of a stomach and one long muscle. (Yes, go ahead. Think your dirty thoughts. Pervert.) I would force my kitten, or rather former kitten, now full-grown cat to sleep with me as he is the only one who seemed to be aware of the snake. But he's annoying at night and tends to not only attack snakes, but also to attack anything under the covers that moves. So now it has become my mission for my parents to not only buy me a tennis bracelet, but to also de-snake their house.

Also... I can't figure out how to put titles on my entries... [blushes in shame] Help?
So once again, I was apparently a pre-cursor to popularity. I had a blogger account LONG before they were popular. I had stopped using my blogger before they were popular. And now? They are all the rage. It's like the little woven purses. Mine had broken before they became popular. Those people who try and find people who are ahead of the popularity curve should totally stalk me. Therefore, I'm guessing that in five years, being middle-class poor and being forced to wear clothes that keep getting progressively shorter because you can't afford new ones will be the "in" thing. It'll be great.

But yes. So now I am jumping on the bandwagon I had abandoned before it broke camp. Why? Well, as fun as livejournal is, it's not. Plus it is my secret ambition to break into not only the DC-blog lists, but to break into New York and possibly Boston as well. And I can totally take on Chicago, given that I know at least six people there.