Friday, May 12, 2006

Peace, man

I just had a cab driver flash me the peace sign. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but I'm assuming it's good. It could be because of either my cute new haircut, or my obnoxious tacky shoes. But they make my pronating feet feel good! I also now have "The Babysitter's Here" by Dar Williams in my head.

Anyways, the New York Times magazine this week had an article about contraception. Apparently some among the religious right have decided to sign on with the Catholic Church in claiming that contraception is amoral. They would like to ban it. The main federal issue where this has come up is in the FDA's approval, or lack there of, of Plan B. Now I know that some people argue that Plan B is an abortive drug, because in some small unknown percentage of cases, usually when taken after the 72 hour recommended mark, it can prevent a fertilized embryo from attaching. As a sidenote, apparently breast feeding can also have this effect. The fact that this argument exists shows that the lines between abortion and contraception are blurring. The use of contraception has supposedly increased promiscuity by promoting a false sense of security, while allowing married couples to focus on sex too much. I would say an underlying, non-admitted theme is that not having babies all the time has allowed women to enter the workforce, obviously an evil side-effect...

Now this makes me frustrated and mad and is yet another reason why I hestitate sometimes to mention that I am a Christian. These people are giving the rest of us a bad name. And what the hell are they smoking? Do they really think that banning contraception is going to prevent ANYTHING? Teenagers are still going to go out and have sex, STD rates will rise, abortion rates will probably rise. The anti-contraception argument is that if there is not the possibility of a child, then sex is somehow trivialized or taking over the relationship. No matter what, the people quoted sound like morons, and their publications blantantly lie or stretch the truth. I only hope that they try to take this bigger, so that maybe the rest of America will actually get up and do something, rather than let a portion of the country dictate laws based upon religious beliefs for everyone else.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Like Applesauce through a fork...

Eating applesauce (and pudding) with a fork can be very difficult. It is a feat only to be attempted while at the peak of one's prime, while completely sober and paying complete attention to the applesauce. Otherwise, the applesauce might escape its culinary fate and be resigned to mold away in a pile of garbage somewhere. And you know what that means? The terrorists have won.

Anyways, if I suddenly disappear someday and no one knows where I've gone, the police totally should check out him, because he has already threatened to kill me. And no, it doesn't matter who started what, because I'm still missing, people. Show a little concern here.

Sigh. Me vanishing reminds me of the first time I met my boyfriend (who shall hereafter be called Spyboy)'s friends. I called it friend bootcamp. Anyways, we drove up to podunk Indiana for a concert, then went and visited his friends at Purdue. We were supposed to come back Saturday night, but he really wanted to stay, so we slept on the floor while another couple slept on a couch. It was a little strange. Anyways, my phone had died and when I got back, I had like 6 voice mails, 15 im's, and 8 messages on the board outside my door. It was cute. My friends were all worried about me... AWWWwww... Not as much of an aww as when they threatened to kill any guy who hurt me (or rip off his balls. I can't quite remember, but it was something suitably violent).

And who knew Flattop Grill was in Fort Wayne? Seems random... We have restaurants in Chicago, DC, and Fort Wayne... Chicago people? Have you been? If you haven't, you apparently should go. People RAVE about it here and they are all around the Chicago area. I'm going to drag Spyboy there tomorrow night. It is convienently located near my gym. Where I again saw someone naked last night. Is it to much to ask to put a bra on BEFORE you stand around blowdrying your hair?

Speaking of hair, I'm getting my hair cut today!! Whee!!! I love haircuts...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Further proof that I am a nerd

Okay, so Lauren Graham (of Gilmore Girls fame) and I totally need to be friends. First of all, she's so cool. Second of all, we have SO much in common! She was an English major, I was an English major. She rides horses, I ride horses. We both wanted to be jockeys but were too tall. She grew up around here, I now live around here. She apparently writes a lot; I in my day have been known to write a lot. Including the infamous 50000 word novel in a month which has a chapter posted somewhere online. Where? I have absolutely no idea. Anyways. All these things add up to being best friends. I can see it now: The trips out to LA to visit her, the phone conversations, the visits here where we'd curl up and eat cookie dough and talk. And of course, given the age difference, she wouldn't just be a best friend, she'd be a mentor, too. It'd be great.

And I just discovered that Slate has a section all on words. All on words! I am joyful. It brings me happiness. Does this make me a nerd? Well, yes. But I figured that out long ago. Anyone who loved taking Latin qualifies as a nerd. Eats, Shoots and Leaves? Preaching to the choir. The current article is on the origin of the term 'baby-daddy,' apparently Jamaica. I'm torn, though, on how I feel about such terms being in the OED. On one hand, the OED is merely a collection of terms and how they have been used over the course of decades or centuries, depending on the age of the term. On the other, it's the freaking OED. It brings up pictures of scholars and grammar nerds and the best of the English language. Which baby-daddy and bling-bling do not, in my humble opinion, count as. Maybe I should just move to France. They have grammar police over there...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Disturbing bodies

Ew... I just linked from someone else's blog to an article on using hookworm to cure allergies/asthma/digestive problems. This guy claimed it worked, but he has to reinfect himself with worms every three months or so. Hookworm is found in feces, people. FECES. [shudders]

To continue in the theme of bodies. I went to the gym yesterday. Now, I like my gym. It's a nice gym. Lots of equipment and wood paneling and carpet in the locker room. But. Some people apparently interpret the casual "we're all here trying to stay healthy and attractive" feeling of the gym as an excuse to wander around naked. I understand that everyone must change. I'm not saying people should be ashamed of their bodies. What I am saying is that I don't want to see naked women! I don't care how great of shape you are in for your age, wrap a towel around yourself before walking the twenty feet to the showers. And if you are going to put lotion on, at least put your underwear on first! I go to the gym for a workout, not a peep show.

Also, as some of you know, I will be going to a wedding in a couple of weeks. This wedding is worrysome for a few reasons, including the fact that none of my bf's friends that I know are going to be available to sit with me (one's the groom, another couple is having a baby and so can't be there, etc). And he himself is in the wedding. Which means I get to either sit with complete strangers or his parents. So this is one problem. The other is that the groom's family freaked me out when I met them. See, here is the scenario. Groom graduates from vet school; bf and I go to his graduation party on his family's farm. (It's Indiana. Of course it was on a farm.) We do random things like look at tractors and his family's big saw. Why they have a big saw? I don't know. Apparently they need to chop up trees occasionally. Anyways, groom proposes (hehe) that we all play a game of softball. Now it's freaking cold. It's not supposed to be freaking cold, being June, but it is. (Not immediately important, but could play in.) So I agree, and am wearing a borrowed coat and boots that have chunky heels which make it difficult to run. We play, etc., etc., then go inside and eat where groom's brother is strangely intense and made me want to back away slowly. I lose an earring (definitely made me sad), we say goodbye and leave. Come to find out that later groom, groom's father, and groom's brother were all discussing people. Or at least me. Now, I don't really mind being discussed because it makes me feel important. But. THe problem is the topic. The topic was, "Was she wearing a bra?" I believe the word "busty" was used. OF COURSE I WAS WEARING A BRA AND KEEP YOUR SKEEVY THOUGHTS OFF OF MY CHEST! Who has a nice family discussion around the kitchen table about this? Now I was cold, which would create certain issues, and I was running in heels, which would cause some bouncage. But still. Groom can think about my chest. Brother and Father of groom, not so much. And they should not be all talking about it.

Crap. Now I've weirded myself out throughly again. Ew.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Ha! I figured out how to add titles on my own... which basically consisted of finding the right setting page to click on and then clicking that I did indeed want titles on my page. I am a genius.

So, I'm sitting here, looking online and at my prescription (I get to have an abdominal ultrasound, tres excitant.) and two things frighten me muchly. One is the
picture of Star Jones on MSN. I know she wanted to lose weight, but she is freaking scary looking. I feel like she is going to jump on top of me and start gnawing on my arm or something. She has a crazy look in her eyes. Not crazy like Cruise crazy, but still. The part of my prescription that scares me is the category called nuclear medicine. Not only does the word nuclear cause W's voice to ring in my head, a terrifying experience in and of itself, but the concept is alarming. What exactly is nuclear medicine? Is it the "option of last resort?" Are they sending little nuclear bombs inside of people in order to destroy malignant cells? I know Bush wants to have underground nuclear weapon capability; maybe this is the first step...

On to this weekend. We tried to crash the DC bloggers happy hour. It didn't work out so well. I mean, we did officially "crash" it, I guess, but we mainly just stood in the corner trying to figure out who was who. I was all for mingling, but Susan wasn't so much and she's the one who has actually been reading the blogs for more than three days. The much-hoped for fight did not happen, though, at least not while we were there. It was very sad. I mean, come on, people. If you are going to invite me into the massive drama that is your online fight, I expect some in-person drama as well.

After that, I met the infamous SO of Susan, who was very nice and proceeded to pay for our drinks the rest of the night. Not that one of my friends needed it. I've never seen anything like it. Guys just kept randomly handing her beers. Not even guys she was talking to/flirting with! Just people she was walking by or who accidentally stepped on her foot. It was a little ridiculous, and by ridiculous, I mean horribly jealousy-enducing. We then began crazy dancing, to the point that every muscle in my body was sore the next day and free-beer girl began saying things like, "Wow. You can dance. I mean, you can really dance... You'd never expect it." She also declared that Susan was recognizable from her head bob and I was recognizable by my smile. Which reminded me of Doug from Teddy Hall, who made me feel good about myself and who kept making statements like, "I'm saying that you're hot, but I'm not hitting on you. You know I'm not hitting on you." And yes, he did know about my boyfriend, unlike scary French stalker boy who chased me out of the one decent Starbucks in Oxford. I mean, the other one only had four kinds of flavor shots. FOUR! It was ridiculous.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty calm. Apparently every one in the 20's and 30's group at church is moving, which makes me sad. Though Amy and I are going to go get mint juleps at the Wilson before she does and that makes me happy because I like mint juleps. AND she told me that Guapos, my one true love embodied in a Mexican restaurant, has killer mojitos. I love their margueritas, but mojitos are pretty up there too. My bf and I got in a spat on Saturday because Friday night he "had a headache..." Hmph. Sometimes that boy does not appreciate how lucky he really is. And while I'm all for fighting gender roles, I'm not really for it in my own relationship and therefore the reversal sucks and I hate it. I also got a chance to talk to Emily, whom I had not talked to in over a year. Though I did email her six months ago and got no answer back... But yes. It is frightening how old and mature we are getting, all talking about work and whatnot. And religion, but we always talked religion and stuff. Particularly while "working" the corner in college. :-) Sigh. Good times.

And I do have to give a shout out to Roberto Donna. He beat Iron Chef Morimoto last night in their rematch. I love Chef Donna... He makes me laugh. Plus, what other renowned chef serves you personally in his grill where you can get pizza for $3.50 and sandwiches for $5.50?