Friday, May 19, 2006

I wanna be a dragon...

Today my hair reminds me of Edward Monkton, a completely fabulous British artist. He does these really basic sketches with funny sayings. He's only slightly broken into the American market, but I fell madly in love with his stuff while I was in England. Anyways. My hair reminds me of one of his keychains (that I didn't buy, one of my great regrets). The keychain has a picture of a girl. All of her hair is normal, except for this one strand. This one strand is sticking straight out to the side. The text for the picture is as follows:

Hair: I don't wanna be a hair!! I wanna be a DRAGON!!!

Hair:... fine... I'll be a hair...

Well, I have ONE strand that is just refusing to do what I want it to do. Not that uncommon, really. But still annoying. Stupid curly hair...

Also, found out yesterday that there indeed is something wrong with my liver. I won't find out what exactly it all means until I see my doctor in a couple of weeks. I think there is more wrong, though, than the radiologist said after her cursory inspection. Because what she said is that my liver is starting to change textures. The symptoms for that, though, are vague fatigue and soreness. Which, you know. Who doesn't have that occasionally? So I'm not saying that is wrong. But there is more. there has to be more. Because I have so many other symptoms. And they said that the whole ultrasound doesn't hurt. LIARS. First of all, I have a freaking bruise on the top of my stomach from them pushign down. Second of all (and further reasoning for more being wrong), there was sharp stabbing pain when they pressed into my right side. So yes. Much discussion will be had when I see my doctor. Anyways, so until he tells me I have to give something up entirely, I'm not going to. I'll be smart. I'll have like a glass of wine. Not get drunk or anything. But I'm going to a wedding tomorrow where I'll be spending considerable hours with Spyboy's parents. Without him. I need a glass of wine for that. So I say something about that to Spyboy and get a whole little quasi-parental lecture. All "We can both give up alcohol. It'll be like Turk and Carla on Scrubs." Sweet, but I did NOT want to be lectured. So whatever.

This weekend should be full of mayhem, madness, and memories... I'm a bit afraid of the memory part. It's been two years since I graduated and left Bloomington and now? I mean, I've missed it. Really missed it. I know I'm not missing the town itself, but instead the whole college experience. But it's all tied up together anyways. Will going just emphasize how much I have changed? Will it make me want to go back all the more? Who knows. Maybe it'll just be a fun weekend with a good friend, a weddign thrown in the mix, and a chance to revisit my old stomping ground.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Die Another Day

I like going to the Subway near work. Not so much for their food, although it is quite tasty and cheap and I can pretend like I'm actually getting veggies. Mainly, though, I like going there because the workers there are so nice to me. They are primarily hispanic men, a group who seems predisposed to like me, and they seem like just genuinely nice guys. It's amazing how little things like guys looking at you like you're attractive can make a day better.

I also found out, thanks to an article on cell phone radiation, that I probably don't have to worry about developing cancer from my cell phone. Mine happens to be low. Which is good because it means I won't have to stay up tonight worrying about it. Instead, I'll concentrate on dying from gall stones or a bum liver or whatever is wrong with my stomach. If it's my liver, I'm going to be mad. Because I've hardly gotten in a full three years of drinking and I don't want to quit now.

Anyways, we were talking at work today about some of the many differences between the sexes. Like women, while desperately not liking pain, really have a higher pain tolerance. Which just makes sense. When men can squeeze something that weighs 8 pounds and squirms out of them, they can talk about pain. Though, personally, I'm planning on being completely drugged during childbirth. I mean, I CAN do it, but why waste the effort. The other topic was the topic of irrationally getting angry. I will fully admit that many women have that perfected to an art. Such as, when banging a toe or elbow, yelling irrationally at the object that caused the pain. I don't care if I ran into the corner. It is still the corner's fault. How dare that corner be there! If I can blame someone else for putting the corner there, I will. Obviously, the designer of whatever structure I'm in was stupid. Otherwise, I would not have run into anything. In fact, I not only hate the corner and the designer, but I also hate the entire building if not every building ever. I think this makes perfect sense. According to my token-male coworker, guys don't do this. Instead, they accept that it is their own fault and move on. I think this is one of the fundamental problems in many relationships. If a guy I'm dating is going to take every emotional outburst as fact, or if he thinks that I seriously hate all buildings ever, we're going to have a problem. Guys just need to lighten up and realize taht there are times when it is necessary to blame everyone else.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Stupid People Shouldn't Breed

I worry about this country's future. No, not even the country, the whole freaking world. One reason: because we are obviously all going to die because of our complete reaming of the natural world. I mean, look. Earth is only going to take so much crap. It's like when you are really tired or relaxed and a bug crawls on you. Eventually, though, the tickeling is going to annoy you enough that you are going to move and smoosh the bug. We are the bug.

Another reason I worry. Teens today are not intelligent. I'm not saying that my generation was better or the generation before that. Maybe, in fact, the problem is not intelligence. Maybe the problem is that they are too creative for their own intelligence levels. This is a group of people who think that it is safer to abuse prescription drugs than illegal drugs. 31% think that there is nothing wrong with using prescription drugs recreationally once in a while and 29% think they aren't addictive. Now, come on, teens. I know you can read. READ THE LABELS!! Why do you think there are so many warnings? And why do all these parents have presciption painkillers lying around? I mean, the only time I got them was when I had surgery and those I promptly lost. (I now know where they are, but only because I had a mad search for batteries teh other day which involved going through every random crap place in my apartment and I got excited because I thought maybe I had more allergy medicine than I thought.) Then, the teens that know that drugs are bad? They are suffocating themselves in the "choking game." Because depriving your brain of oxygen is somehow not bad? Personally, I can't remember a time when I thought choking myself or my friends (maybe my brother, though, but that was just to shut him up) was a good idea.

Luckily, movies like Akeelah and the Bee restore my faith in and hope for humanity. It was just so cute! Like Spellbound only without the boring parts. And it has Crabman in it. How can you not love Crabman?!

Also, in joyous humanitiness, my sister-in-law's brother, who is like the greatest guy ever, got engaged this weekend. I once bet him a dollar that he couldn't jump over a seven-foot long mud puddle and not only did he do it, he didn't make me pay him the dollar. I'm so happy for him that it's sad.