Friday, June 02, 2006

The Heat Is On

It is ridiculously hot out. I mean, absurd. I walk to work and am drenched when I get there. Susan and I got lost on the way from our office to the metro (yeah, it was a little sad. I make no excuses.) and I thought I was going to pass out from dehydration. Walking outside requires a "oh shit." It's not just the temperature, which, let's face it, is only in the 80's. Dear God. We have 100 degree temps still waiting for us. But we also have 94 percent humidity. This sucks. Hopefully, it storms tonight and things cool down, as the meterologists have been saying EVERY FREAKING DAY THIS WEEK. I hate them. I hate everyone. I almost shoved poor little tourists today. But hey. They were in my way and I'm not on vacation and I am shoving them out of my way so I can walk the horrible walk to my new office.

Plus we are now near the beginning of our annual event. My first. Where I get to a. pay attention to speakers, b.mingle, c.take good pictures, and d.not fall asleep despite getting very little sleep. Oh, and I get to wear suits for three days even though I do not have three suits or the parts to pretend that I do. Oh well. There are open bars. :-)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The death of clutter

Well the big move is over. My office now resides in another building, one with very few lunch options and a further walk to and from the metro. However, it will be close to a Baskin Robbins, so I can become more and more of an addict and the longer walk will be necessary just to keep me from developing cankles and a waddle. We currently have no internet, so I had to bring in my laptop and sign-up for a free month of NetZero just to check my email. We are all going through withdrawal, I think. I also can no longer just pop into my bank on my way to work and I THINK we might even be several blocks from a Starbucks. Sigh. And now we have to unpack everything we just packed last night. I did wind up getting wet on my way out of the building, because one of the guys we used to share offices with decided to bring a super-soaker to work. It was kind of fun. :-)

Now I am completely exhausted, plus I think I'm fighting off some kind of bug. A few people in my office don't feel so hot, plus SB's coworkers are all sick too. Which makes me sad, because I really want him to tell one of his coworkers about the light-up shoes and she's been out because of illness. I REALLY want to know what her reaction is. I imagine it as very funny.