Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whales 'R' Us

THIS makes me so mad that I want to hate PETA (Not the blog entry, but the topic). Except I already think they are crazy and awful. But still. This is a new low. Apparently while they are so worried about treating animals well, they could care less about people. Who thought that this would be a good campaign? What gives THEM the right to be so cruel and demeaning towards women? Jerks. This makes me even angrier than the Bacardi ad campaign which I am too lazy to relook up. It basically consisted of the "ugly girl accessory, the must-have accessory for the summer." I'm now boycotting Bacardi. And might hit any PETA people I see. (Okay, probably not. In part because I never see PETA people. Greenpeace, yes. I do talk back to Greenpeace people, and refuse to give them money or sign their petitions. Every once in a while, I tell them WHY I don't like Greenpeace, but they are all punk kids who have no idea how Greenpeace has acted in the past.)

Luckily my anger has been off-set by the good news that I have a phone interview on Friday. I feel so wanted... :-) I'm still hoping for the job that I have the second interview for on Monday, but it's nice to have options and to be getting attention from the job-hirers. Plus I'm going to have Five Guys for dinner, in protest of PETA's encouraging people to be vegetarians.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


CW has yelled at me one too many times. Every time I see her, "You never post, the last time you blogged was in May, and it was about being angry." So I'm reblogging. Well, not reblogging, since that implies that I'm taking an old entry and redoing it or something. But blogging a new entry. Plus I'm about to be an attention hoar on ravelry, and I need a new entry for those girls to comment on.

So things for me are kind of in a weird holding pattern. Either that or I'm taxiing to the runway, to keep with the plane metaphors. I'm in the finals for a job that I think could be really amazing. I mean, totally a great opportunity to make it what I want, lots of writing, for a good cause. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm close, really close, but I don't want to be entirely crushed when/if I don't get it. I've also got a couple of other interviews, so I feel like things are looking up. I just want it all settled. Especially since I have to decide on where to live... I really wanted to live by myself. Or I thought I did. I wouldn't mind living with a roommate, if they were cool and didn't expect much of me. I don't like feeling like I HAVE to socialize, though right now I'm totally undersocializing.

This whole not seeing people at work or class means that I feel really chatty when I am around people. I have decided that now when I drink, I try and make up for whatever I'm missing in my life. I get really chatty and huggy. Which is kind of a new thing. Not the drinking, but the massive amounts of chatting. I think I've been surprising some of my friends who are used to the more reserved me...

As for the ex. I won't say I'm entirely over things, since stress makes me more emotional and being emotional brings stuff I felt for or about him. But I will say that I'm 98% over him. I saw something a week or so ago that brought up memories of him and I wasn't angry. I wasn't even really sad. I was nostalgic. I smiled. I kept going. Which I think is an excellent sign. Now I just need to find a new guy. And for any rubberhoar who reads this, let me add a post-script. A GUY I'M ATTRACTED TO. I think I'm ready for it. Entirely and utterly.